Small Steps to Freedom ...

I have lived with physical dis-ability and chronic pain for 27 years due to a rare bone condition that affects my left tibia and remains only partially diagnosed.

Throughout that time I have undergone numerous operations, some more successful than others and spent large periods of time reliant on a wheelchair and having my personal care needs met by other people. My mobility has varied, as have pain levels but I have been fortunate to receive exemplary care from a variety of medical professionals within the NHS, as well as friends and family. In addition to my physical needs I have gone through a whole range of emotions and feelings about my circumstances and experienced severe depression and anxiety since I was 12 years old. 

The tools and techniques I plan to share come from over 20 years of direct experience with a variety of healing modalities, therapies such as CBT and participation in a Pain Management Programme. My hope is that they will help support you on your journey too – I certainly know that if some of these had been available to me at a younger age I would probably have been able to manage my pain, lifestyle and mental health much better! If just one thing I share here can make a difference to the quality of someone else’s experience then this will have served its purpose. With the most serious of exceptions I genuinely believe that there is no reason for our physical conditions to hold us back, or dis-able us, when we have within us the tools to manage and enhance our amazing potential and abilities.